Friends Monthly Book Auction

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Silent Auction - May 2019

Closes Saturday, June 1, at noon.

1. Seabiscuit; 3 books, 1 DVD; 2003 Collector’s Edition; story of three men and a horse that captivated a nation. minimum bid   $8

2. The Rolling Stones; published 2003; this book has a series of photographs with captions archiving their start in the early 1960s; excellent condition, a must have for a Rolling Stones collector. minimum bid   $8

3. The Art of Cooking in Whittier; printed in 1969 by the Whittier Junior Women’s Club; good condition for age; lists members inside of book. minimum bid   $5

4. Near and Far; 1938 California State Series reading book; written by Nila Banton Smith, then Dean of Whittier College; book in good condition for age. minimum bid   $5

5. 2 books:  1) Marion Anderson;  2) When Marion Sang; copyright 1956; book expresses her warm and reverent approach to living and to music; scholastic book is an honor book. minimum bid      $6

6. Smokey the Bear Golden Book; and U.S. Dept. Forest Service Workbook; Golden Book date is 1977 with the workbook dated by the Agriculture Forest Service 1971; book in excellent condition. minimum bid $5

7. The Big and Bad Wolf; by James Patterson; 2003 copyright; signed copy; a novel from bestseller; James Patterson, hardback copy, excellent condition signed by author. minimum bid   $5

8. 2 books: 1) Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea; 2) The Mysterious Island; both by Jules Verne; books in excellent condition; copyright 1950 and 1948;  Mysterious Island illustrated by N. C.  minimum bid $7