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WHITTIER, Calif. – Governor Gavin Newsom and the County of Los Angeles recently mandated the closure of beaches, museums, and indoor restaurant service for a minimum of three weeks. (Read latest information here)

Friends Monthly Book Auction

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Silent Auction -January 2020

Closes Saturday, February 1, at noon.

1. 3 items: 1. The Chronicles of Narnia Pop-up; copyright 2003;  2. DVD     3.  Book,  filming of the movie. minimum bid       $8

2. Spam the Cookbook; copyright 2001; anecdotes and historical facts, with 20 recipes; illustrated in color; good condition. minimum bid        $6

3. The Meaning of Prayer; by Harry Emerson Fosdick; copyright 1915; a book of studies and spiritual exercises helping men and women by prayer; excellent condition for age. minimum bid        $6

4. 3 items: 1.  The Memory of All That; the Life of George Gershwin; copyright 1993; by Joan Peyser; composer struggling to achieve recognition from criticism, anti-Semitic and anti-American musical prejudices; 2.   Greatest Hits, Gershwin; CD included along with  3.  Summertime; book; all in good condition. minimum bid        $8

5. 2 books: 1. Good Housekeeping Cook Book; first printing 1933;  2. Good Meals and How to Prepare Them; copyright 1927; Ninth printing; both books show wear on the outside; pages inside in good condition. minimum bid      $7

6. 2 books: 1. The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.; copyright 1998; edited by Clayborne Carson;  2. I Have a Dream; copyright 2004; professors of social ethics and theology contribute the impact of his speech; August 1963. minimum bid        $7

7. 3 items: 1. Disney Classic; copyright 2011; 2. Peter Pan and Wendy Golden Book; 1971; 3.  DVD; story of playwright James M. Barrie, who wrote Peter Pan; Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet star in the film. minimum bid        $8