Friends Monthly Book Auction

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Silent Auction -September 2019

Closes Saturday, October 5, at noon.

  1. 1. 2 items: 1. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; 2. DVD collection set; book has five of the most famous adventures; illustrated by Eric Kincaid; both book and DVD in good condition. minimum bid   $8

    2. 3 items: 1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; by Lewis Carrol; 2. pop-up book  by Robert Sabuda; copyright 2003; 3. DVD;  Disney Book and DVD a film by Tim Burton is included with the pop-up book; all in good condition. minimum bid   $10

    3. Smithsonian Baseball; First edition 2005; by Stephen Wong; this is a collection of private baseball memorabilia; good condition. minimum bid   $10

    4. Garvey; copyright 1986; signed copy; Steve Garvey with Skip Rozin; Steve writes of his sixteen year career as one of the baseball’s superstar players. minimum bid   $10

    5. George Harrison, Living in the Material Word; by Olivia Harrison; copyright 2011; biography of pictures, letters, photos of Beatle George Harrison. minimum bid      $10

    6. 3 books: 1. Bunny; 1984;   2. Hefner; 1974;   3. Playboy Gourmet; 1961; Three books of Hefner’s empire; two are biographies and the gourmet book is about food and drink. minimum bid $8

    7. Poems of Childhood; by Eugene Field; with illustrations by Maxfield Parrish; copyright 1920; book in good condition for age, with color plates by Maxfield Parrish. minimum bid $5