Friends Monthly Book Auction

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Silent Auction - January 2019

Closes Saturday, February 2, at noon.

1. 2 books: 1. The Beatles; by Bob Spitz; copyright 2005; 2. Every Little Thing;  by Maxwell Mackenzie; copyright 1998; two books for the Beatle collector, both in good condition. minimum bid $9

2. The Pop-up Mickey Mouse; by the Disney Company; 1933; first facsimile edition of an early mid 30’s pop-up Mickey Mouse book/ This is listed as a collector’s edition; book in excellent condition. minimum bid $6

3. Mary Poppins & Mary Poppins Comes Back; by P.L. Travers & illustrated by Mary Sheppard; printed in 1938 from the first copyright 1934; book in good condition; Jane, Michael and the twins are in a magical situation. minimum bid $6

4. Can opener recipes; copyright 1948; Schuztz Printing Company; by Maude Stewart Beagle; time saver recipes for the career woman in 1948 using commercially canned food.    minimum bid $6

5. 2 books; 1. Stories from the Old Testament; 2. Life of Jesus; by Caroline Kellogg; copyright 1922; two books for children, in good condition for age. minimum bid $8

6. The Wizard of Oz First Five Novels; copyright 2013; Fall River Press, N.Y.; good condition of L. Frank Baum Oz books; each story introduces new characters, as they travel to the Emerald City. minimum bid $7

7. 2 books – 1. Eleven Rings; 2013. 2. More than a Game; 2001; by Phil Jackson; co-writers Hugh Delehanty and Charley Rosen; NBA coach of the Bulls and Lakers writes of his wins and losses; both books in excellent condition.    minimum bid $10

8. Wings over Whittier; by Lee E. Owens; copyright 2004; this is a story about Tony LeVier; a legendary world renown test pilot who grew up in Whittier; book in excellent condition. minimum bid $6

9. Complete Works of William Shakespeare; Temple notes by Israel Gollanez; publisher Grosset & Dunlap, N.Y; book in excellent condition; edited by William Aldis Wright in 1911; no printed copyright in book. minimum bid $7